I just got a report that this blog is censored in public net cafes in Helsinki Stockmann stores. True or not? I have to check... Let me know if you have any info. I'd love to know which places think the contents of this blog are unsuitable to the general public.


Why on earth?!? Sounds very strange..

--Ainailona, 20-Feb-2005

They're using some kind of blocking software. I noticed this last summer that I didn't get to skrubu.net from Netcup. I told this to the girl behind the counter. She then rang Stockmann IT and after a while everything worked quite fine again.

Lots of blogs from the toplist were blocked, even the toplist itself was inaccessible partly.

--pni, 20-Feb-2005

Old stuff. http://www.melankolia.net/kari/arkistot/001861.html

In english: they use blocking software called DansGuardian. More info here: http://www.tech-geeks.org/geeklog/article.php?story=20021121100555506

--Kari Haakana, 20-Feb-2005

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