Macbook new revision?

I succumbed to the temptation, and ordered myself a spanking new MacBook last month. However, the estimated shipping date passed - even the estimated delivery date passed. So I finally called them today and wanted to know why the ~MacBook is two weeks late.

The guy at the Apple Store said simply that production is revising materials - in some ~MacBooks, the covers can get discoloured, so they're changing the composition of the plastic to get rid of that problem. I also got the impression that they are revising the motherboard as well (though this was a bit unclear on the discussion). So maybe I won't be getting an infamous Rev. A. machine?

Apple could not give me an estimated shipping date, though. But this was probably one of the better reasons for a delay - I don't mind if I get a better machine. My ~PowerBook is still chugging along, but it's certainly starting to show its age...

Update, a couple of hours later: Well, what do you know? It now says "shipped" on my order. Maybe they bumped me up in a queue or something... There is, however, a question of keyboard - for some reason my computer was ordered with an UK keyboard, and I had to call in to remedy it. I just hope the French sales guy understood what I wanted...


prob you are a lucky case. my sister's mac book starts to make clinking noise when opening the lid in less than a week she got it. she took it to the customer service. what she heard was that obviously the overall production of this new macbook (assembly, material, parts) seemed unusually bad, causing lots of returns and complaints. my sister will get a replacement but she is afraid if the replacement will actually have worse problems than the first one.

--jabberer, 25-Jul-2006

Well, I certainly hope so! And if your sister is going to get a replacement, it'll probably be from the new batch, too.

--JanneJalkanen, 25-Jul-2006

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