Being quiet

I'm still alive, no worries. I'm spending most of my time north of the Artic Circle, on cell phone connectivity only, and doing other things so much that I just don't have time for blogging right now. I need to make two presentations for the conferences (the first of which is next week), rewrite the paper for Wikimania, and actually write the code for the Wikimania paper.

How did my summer vacation come down to work? I guess that's the punishment for mixing work with hobby...

Anyhoo, my second podcast (crappier than the first) is now available, in Finnish again. Yes, I'm riding the hype here: the whole thing has become such a talking point recently that I decided that the best way to understand it is to get down and dirty and start doing it myself too. I have a bunch of things I want to try out with this new medium, but so far it's mostly at the level of a kid poking at a new toy and trying to figure out what all the hubbub is about. It's play, as much as a heartless techocrat can manage. Comments (technology-, content-, methodology-, and otherwise) are welcome.


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