Moments of transition

Had my last riding lesson today. I'm going to Iceland in three weeks, so I'm taking a short break before that. Darn, one gets really attached to those horses. Even though I only was there for six weeks, I strangely enough already miss them. Especially these two. *sigh*

The syrupy moment of the day: When Outi was here last week, a friend of mine brought us lollipops - heart-shaped, of course - but they were forgotten in the bags. So, today, we chatted on IRC and enjoyed those lollipops, knowing that the other person was doing the same thing far away.

I'm degenerating rapidly, and decomposing into sugar and honey. Whee :)


Mmm.. sugar and honey.. That's a lot better than, say, salt and vinegar. :) Except if we're talking about crisps. Which we're not.

...I'll get me coat.

--Outi, 20-Jul-2004

Wait, I'll come with you :)

--JanneJalkanen, 20-Jul-2004

Kiva, että tikkareista oli iloa :)

--Nina, 21-Jul-2004

Hyvin paljon, vaikken pidäkään kirsikasta :)

--JanneJalkanen, 21-Jul-2004

Ne olivat HYVIÄ tikkareita! Minäkään en yleensä tykkää kirsikasta, mutta se tikkari oli NAMINAM :D

--Outi, 22-Jul-2004

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