The universal edit button

A few guys got together and built a "universal edit button" - essentially a small Firefox plugin that lets you know that you can change the content of a web page.

It's a good idea, and I hope it becomes so commonplace you don't really need a browser plugin anymore. Just like the RSS logo you see if you're browsing this site with any relatively modern browser.

JSPWiki will support this in version 2.8, out "soon". You can already test it at the JSPWiki sandbox. Other small wikis are following suite, like, oh, Wikipedia. Adding it to your JSPWiki installation is easy; just put the following in your templates/default/commonheader.jsp:

<%-- Support for the universal edit button ( --%>
<wiki:CheckRequestContext context='view|info|diff|upload'>
  <wiki:Permission permission="edit">
    <wiki:PageType type="page">
    <link rel="alternate" type="application/x-wiki" 
          href="<wiki:EditLink format='url' />"
          title="<fmt:message key='actions.edit.title'/>" />

More at readwriteweb.


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