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My serious laptop.
When my Macbook Air[1] decided to implode (well, just the hard drive really) I reverted back to my old trusty Thinkpad X40. It's actually a pretty nice small laptop, though now it's rather underpowered. I've got it decorated with Hello Kitty -stickers, which always gets a chuckle and a curious look in meetings[2], and extra attention at airport security control. However, it does have one pretty major design oddity.

Whenever it runs out of battery, it wails like a banshee. "EEEE-OOOO". "EEEE-OOOO". A horrible, piercing noise which cuts through silence like a high-powered laser through dissidents. Last night, it woke us both up, and we just laid there, panting, all ready to fight or flee, until I remembered that little feature and was able to calm my panicking wife.

Once, it went off in the overhead compartment during plane takeoff. I tried to look as nonchalant as possible as everyone else in the plane was gripping their armrests and peeing their pants. It's NOT the sound you want to hear at the possibly most dangerous phase of flying.

Luckily, the screeching doesn't last too long. It just rings a couple of times, before the machine runs out of battery and shuts down. And that's what's really curious - what on Earth did go through the designer's mind? I mean, I could understand it if it screamed five minutes before battery runs out, so that you could actually have time to find a charger and plug it in? But no, this really just informs about the "well, I'm out of battery and you can't do anything about it anymore" -condition. Why would I ever want to be signaled about something I can't really do nothing about, and what I will notice the next time I try to start the laptop anyway?

And why, in <deity>'s name, did it have to be designed to be so loud?

[#1] Which is, IMHO, pretty much a toy. You might be happy with it if you just need a typewriter replacement which can do email, but it is the lousiest and most underpowered tool ever. Not recommended for serious geeky work. Especially since it appears that it overheats easily and kills the hard drive if you do some heavy-duty work on it.

[#2] Yeah, always had trouble with serious meetings. Hm... As long as I had that one, I was never promoted. Since I got myself a Mac for work, I got promoted twice. Coincidence?


Oh man I almost pissed my pants reading and laughing about that airplane event. Last night my T60 made that horrible sound again :D

--Stanos, 24-Apr-2010

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