Wake up. Shower. Eating breakfast. Someone calls. "Hi, could you participate in this teleconference?" I agree, and spend the next 90 minutes in the telco, still at home (traveling in public transport while talking confidential things on the cell phone is not only annoying, it's dangerous).

The conf call ends, and I sigh. I pack up my laptop, and start searching for my sweater, and suddenly the phone rings. I answer, and spend the next 30 minutes discussing some minute detail. I end the call, and make a quick call to someone else, and it turns rather long. By this time, it's almost lunch time. I try to hurry, but a phone call cuts my dash to the front door. It's okay, it's just one phone call. Almost an hour later, I realize that I won't be able to make it on time to actually eat lunch at the office (it's a long bus ride). So, I grab some eggs from the fridge and break them to make an omelette - and a guy I had asked to call urgently calls. So, with my right arm I absentmindedly whisk eggs while I explain something for the umpteenth time to someone who had first heard about it five minutes ago. The eggs nearly turn rancid, but in the end I triumph and I have a pretty decent omelette (turkey, cheese and random herbs, if you insist on knowing such things).

I manage to just finish my lunch before the next call comes in. After that, I look at my watch and realize that if I left now, I would just make it to the office to hear the latest on the collaboration negotiations (a wonderful term for playing musical chairs with your job). I give up the idea of getting to the office, as I'll hear all the news through the grapevine anyway. And I need desperately to take care of some email, and I no longer can afford to spend the 1.5 hours of back-and-forth traveling.

The phone rings again. And again.

When the final phone call of the day is over, it's almost 7 pm. And I realize that for what it's worth, I could've just sat around with in my underwear all day and I would've been exactly as productive than I was now. Technically I guess I did something wrong by not going to the office all day, but since I would've spent all day talking on the telephone (I needed to charge my phone twice!), I guess it did not really matter.

It must be a Monday. Hope there won't be another day like this soon.


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