Facebook users attention, you are pwned!

LOL. You may have seen the message passed around in Facebook, saying that "unless you forward this to all your friends, your Facebook account will be deleted, regards, Mark Zuckerberg?" -hoax?

Well, Digitoday, a Finnish IT web magazine, published it as a real story.

You know, I've often wondered who the people are who fall for this kind of trap... Now I know.

To be a bit more serious: it's okay to think. The Facebook team created the entire web site. Do you honestly think they would be unable to send a direct message to everyone in Facebook, and have to rely on people to forward a message to their friends? It's kinda like a phone company representative asking you to call your friend to check if their phone works, because they can't reach them... You wouldn't believe that, would you?

Or maybe you would.


If I had any respect for DT, I would lose it now. Thanks for the tip :D

--erkka, 18-Dec-2007

For something that took 10 sec to do, I can't be asked to care one way or the other.....

--Travmies, 19-Dec-2007

Aamulehdessä sanottiin jotenkin näin: "kiertokirje voi osoittautua epätodeksikin". No shit, Sherlock.

--Mikko Saari, 19-Dec-2007

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