Social Suicide

Why, thank you Mira (Finnish only). It's good to know that my nightmare now has a name.

And to everyone who clicked on her link and arrived to this site: Go away, if you value your sexual orientation.

No, seriously.

I just got a letter from an ex-potential ladyfriend, who proclaimed that "you are a crazy man - in fact, all men are crazy and I think I'll try women from now on." This happened about two hours after I had revealed the URL to this weblog in an otherwise innocuous email, in response to her claim that she had a worse sense of humor than me. Of course, the "stupid me" had to prove her wrong.

So welcome all - This is the blog that will make you a lesbian. (Catchy, ain't it?)

(And you still wonder why I'm feeling down? Man, I need a better impression management strategy.)

Actually, now that I'm on the subject... The cool thing about blogs and dating is that your blog will make you a better writer, and thus you will be able to write coherent, intelligent, witty text to your charmees. Well. Most of you will, anyway. But the uncool thing about blogs is that once your potential life-mate actually finds it - your relationship may suffer a mighty chink.

A blog can be a good filter, though, for weeding out those who wouldn't be able to cope with your sense of humour or view of life anyway - but that just means that if you are blogging under your own name, you'd darned be better to write what you really feel and think, and be prepared to stand up for it. Because sooner or later, someone will read it. I've had my share of old internet writings coming back to haunt me...

Anyway, I thank Mindy for putting this whole idea in my head in the first place, but perhaps I should stop referring people to this page as the "this is really me" page :)


If I don't turn into a lesbian, can I have my money back?

--Henri, 19-Dec-2003

Saako kommentoida suomeksi? Minäkään en vielä tunne itseäni lesboksi. Luenko minä tätä liian harvoin vai mikä mättää?

--Misu, 19-Dec-2003

Misu: Saa kommentoida ihan millä kielellä haluaa. Ja etkös juuri kehunut olevasi karvainen ja turski? Sehän on jo ihan hyvä alku ;)

And Henri, yeah. All your money. Trust me.

--JanneJalkanen, 19-Dec-2003

A friend of mine often described himself as having the "Midas-like ability to turn women into lesbians merely by touching them" -- his words. Not that he was bitter about it or anything.

--Mikki, 19-Dec-2003

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