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Doctor Who is as much a classic as SciFi TV could ever be. It's been running on and off since 1963, which I guess is some sort of a record. I've seen the new series, but I don't think the old ones have ever been shown in Finnish TV before. Now, the MTV3 SciFi channel has been showing all episodes (well, those which still exist, anyway), and I've been recording and watching them all.

And you know, I'm starting to see why this has been running so long. Though the effects are crappy, and you can fast-forward through an episode at 6x speed and cuts are still further apart than in your average TV show today, the writing is, well, oddly fresh.

The Second Doctor is now on, and I sort of miss the grumpy First Doctor, though at first I hated him (Outi says he's got Charisma 3). Still, Mr. Ecclestone (Doctor #9) is the favourite.

My only problem is that the channel is showing the episodes in such a rapid succession, that it's really difficult to keep watching them. The hard drive of my PVR is filling up at an alarming rate... You know, one or two episodes a week would be a good speed. The current flood of two episodes per night five times a week means that if you miss a few, it's really hard to catch up.

Heh, first I complain that there's no SF in the TV - and now I'm complaining getting too much of it. Things have really changed in ten years when we got new episodes of Babylon 5 shipped via UPS to Finland as they were being aired... Could it be a sign that my generation has become "the establishment" which is getting pampered and exploited for a quick buck? Heck, they've got the money and they grew up with SciFi, so...?

Not that I'm complaining.

Just wondering.


I used to watch when Tom Walker was the Dr., but I can't really capture the feeling any more.

What I want to know is where Jyrki Kasvi got the T-shirt he was wearing on the cover of Kirjastolehti 2/2008 - there's a feeling I CAN capture.

--Tai, 28-May-2008

Tai, try asking him? ;-)

--JanneJalkanen, 28-May-2008

The idea occurred to me about a 1/2 second after I saved my comment.

I suspect that many of my superficial thought processes (=all?) are happening in the synapses of the hands and arms. Like avatars in Second Life when talking to each other via keyboard, without microphones.

--AnonymousCoward, 28-May-2008

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