JSPWiki on a cell phone

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I got encouraged by someone's tweet and decided to try this on my N900. And turns out it wasn't that difficult even, just did the following things:

  • Download Sun's preview of Java 6 on ARM and transfer to N900
  • On N900 mkdir /opt/java, untar the downloaded JRE there
  • Copied existing Tomcat installation with JSPWiki 2.8 to /opt/tomcat/ (could've also done an installation from scratch, should've worked)
  • Used QEmacs to tweak a couple of config files (server.xml needed the default Tomcat control port changed away from 8009, and jspwiki.properties needed to point at the right directory)
  • set up JAVA_HOME to point at the /opt/java/ejrexxx dir.
  • run /opt/tomcat/apache-tomcat-5.5.16/bin/startup.sh
  • point browser at http://localhost:8080/JSPWiki/

And voila - we have a full Java JSP webapp (the same one that is currently serving you these pages) running on a cell phone. Since my setup stores all wikipages as flat text files, I can use it as a local text editor with hypertext editing capabilities. Or comes else comes to mind.


(Tried shooting video too, but it was too blurry on my backup camera.)


Cool! Well, it's a Linux box, so it shouldn't be that amazing, but it's still cool.

Now get your phone on some dynamic DNS server and we can all point our browsers there!

--Pare, 18-Jan-2010

Cool. Will we get to see a photo of your phone running JSPWiki?

--Juergen, 18-Jan-2010

That *is* my cell phone :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 19-Jan-2010

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