Social Exhaustion

It's bloody hard to try and be intelligent, witty, charming, friendly, thoughtful, responsive, sagely, quick, fun, alert, and a number of other adjectives for a few days in a row.


I'm "too pooped to pip", as one wise man once said.


So much for the raw entertainment value of this site. :-) I'm sure I read that there would be at least singing and dancing EVERY DAY in the terms and conditions. I want a refund!!!

--Foster, 17-Dec-2003

Janne, you can't be having a real breakdown to the sound of "Now playing: Starship - We built this City". :)

--J-Ko, 18-Dec-2003

Nhah. It was a last-ditch attempt at self-cheering, but unfortunately it stays on the web site even if I close the MP3 player.

Which is very depressing.

--JanneJalkanen, 18-Dec-2003

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