Copyright weirdosities

Couple of interesting tidbits on the ever-scarier and expanding field of copyrights:

Here's a company who says that you only "license" the fabric you buy from them, and therefore you cannot sell any products that you might be using their fabric for. I don't know how much legal ground these guys have, but I guess you can agree to anything these days. The weird thing is that you're not making a copy of anything here - you're just using it.

Also, recipes are traditionally presented as examples of things which cannot be copyrighted. However, apparently professional chefs are now panicking over this - they want to be able to copyright food. So, making a similar dish than someone else in the world would be considered copyright infringement. I understand the chef's desire to protect hours and weeks of creative work, but bitch-slapping the entire world by demanding that every single new dish is automatically protected for until 70 years after the author's death is a bit over the top. After all, the number of dishes that need to be protected this way is rather limited, and it takes considerable skill to even replicate the work.

Oh, well, if this goes through, I'm gonna hit you for $200 every time you eat a banana with ketchup and onion rings.

Update: Almost forgot. Apparently Creative is removing the option to record directly from radio from their portable music players due to pressure from record companies. If they can't make home recording illegal, they'll certainly try to kill the messenger.


"Oh, well, if this goes through, I'm gonna hit you for $200 every time you eat a banana with ketchup and onion rings."

I don't see our family getting rich any time soon. Couldn't you pick something.. normal? :/

--Outi, 17-Oct-2006

Damn that was funny... I'm gotta apply a patent for my groundbreaking new popcorn recipe.

--Late, 18-Oct-2006

  • I'm gonna* Outi - just call them Butt Ugly Bananas and your family just might get very rich!

--Late, 18-Oct-2006

Ei vieläkään pusuja! Hmph!

--Kata, 19-Oct-2006

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