Traveling in Finland

Here's something I didn't know: You can buy cell phones at gas stations these days.

Also, a Finnish hamburger chain is now a cell phone operator, too.

Who needs ubiquitous computing? We got it right here...

(I've driven roughly 1000 km during the past 24 hours in order to attend both a wedding and a bachelor party. Summer weekends are very busy. Blech.)


I heard you have to have a Finnish National ID to get a Hesburger SIM card!

--Justin Hall, 19-Aug-2003

No wonder; they don't want you to rack up a big bill and then run out of the country =).

Everyone over here has a national ID, so it's not a biggie. It might be a problem to people who live here permanently, but are not citizens.

It's too bad Hesburger does not sell pre-paid SIM cards.

--JanneJalkanen, 19-Aug-2003

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