Jingle bells, where art thou?

It's Christmas time, and everybody's busy sending greeting cards. I'm in a bit of trouble... I realized I have nobody's physical address these days. Really. I remember where people live (I have a pretty good memory for maps), but I have no idea how to describe them to the postal system.

I don't even have a database of addresses - I used to have one on paper (but it's probably been recycled now), and I used to have an electronic one on my Palm (but that's probably lost all its memory by now). I might have backups somewhere, but they are well hidden, and it's quite a lot of trouble to start looking for them.

You see, this is really the only time that I need the addresses. If I need to send something to someone, I'll just scribble it on a nearby piece of paper that exists only as a scratchpad. Then it's gone, and I'll need to ask for it again. But it's not that often, really.

What does it all mean? That I am too far removed from the real world? Or that the world just does not matter to me the way that it used to because I now have better access schemes to it?

Who knows. We just returned from Andrea Bocelli's fine concert. Too tired to think anything complicated right now.


"What does it all mean?"

It means your girlfriend will beat the crap out of you, because you can't get the cards sent even though she spent hours and hours on making them...

--Outi, 17-Dec-2005

Promises, promises...

--JanneJalkanen, 17-Dec-2005

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