Artist Trading Cards

Outi has recently started to make so-called ATCs, or Artist Trading Cards, just as a hobby. ATCs are a relatively recent invention, popularized by the internet, where people present and trade the cards they've done. The form of the cards is fixed (2.5 x 3.5 inches), but the content and presentation are free. For some reason this reminds me so much of blogs and blogging, where the form is fixed, but content and presentation are free.

Typically also the price is free - you don't pay for this stuff, but you trade with someone else. Almost like link trading that bloggers do so often...

For some reason it seems to be a lot more easier to innovate once you put one leg in the ground and start really looking what you can do within the box. It's very, very hard to be creative outside the box if you don't know what the box is.

Here are some interesting Flickr images, and Outi's cards.


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