Up and "running"

New York is one of the few places of the world, where you can glance out of your 17th floor window, and see, well, pretty much nothing. People say Tokyo is crowded, but due to earthquakes they don't build the high-rise towers as close to each other as over here, and therefore it feels more spacious. "Urban canyon", indeed.

Had a massive cramp during the night in my right thigh (made me wake up and scream) and now I hobble around like I had a wooden leg. It tends to happen when I get dehydrated or cold (or both), and is one of the reasons I don't dare to dive, even if I really wanted to: using flippers for more than a minute is a sure way to get the cramp going.


I'm jealous, I would love to spend a few days in New York. I haven't been back to the states in a while.

--, 16-Mar-2005

I hate leg cramps and people who scream in the middle of the night. ;-)

--, 19-Mar-2005

Can't say that I'm overly fond of either myself... :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 19-Mar-2005

if you are still in nyc, go to the nomadic museum on 13th and westside highway. its a goddam amazing, there is a show on there at the moment called ashes and snow sinun on pakko mennä!

--darren, 19-Mar-2005

Unfortunately I missed it, too much work... But thanks for the tip!

--JanneJalkanen, 20-Mar-2005

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