Over and out

The tournament is now over, and I can finally relax. Well, almost - the financial issues need still to be sorted out (I have so far paid personally for all of the prizes from my own pocket), and we seem to have lost one board, but otherwise it's done.

The games were extremely tight - the final positions were finally solved by one game that was going on in the lower tables; and then the result was a tie. Those who play go know that this is quite rare - the usual ways of solving the winner are almost always adequate. Oh well, it was very exciting nonetheless... Plenty of prizes were distributed, most of them to the right people, and even the other organizers got a bit of something (me excepted, of course :-).

I can't remember feeling this tired since Ropecon. It does not feel as good as expected, though people seemed to like the tournament. Could be the tiredness, or could be something else. Dunno. We'll see how it goes.


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