Zu-zu-zune and other incoherent ramblings

Will the new Microsoft Zune kill the iPod? Doubtful, if you believe CNN.

Another thing that makes me wonder... Microsoft is saying that Vista will create 50,000 new jobs in Europe! I still haven't figured out exactly how - unless it's so complicated that all helpdesks will need to triple in size - but if it's true, EU should be paying money to MS so that they could launch a new vesion of Windows every month. Then we could get rid of unemployment in a jiffy!

Ever stop to wonder - he said, without even an inkling of a link - why all airports happily charge you extraordinate amounts for internet connectivity, yet none of them seem to have power sockets available for laptops?

I'm not in a good mood. I lost my GPS, either in Paris CDG or in the plane to Bilbao. I also forgot to bring my NFC phone as show-n-tell, missed dinner, and did not bring swimming trunks after being reminded twice about how great a spa this hotel has.

There is also a storm outside and the whole hotel is creaking and wailing. Which is sort of cool, in a cheap horror movie kind of way. Which reminds me that the new Dr Who is kicking ass. After the last couple of episodes (you know, the ones with the gasmasks) it ranks to top three of my personal British Horror Things List - with Sapphire and Steel and Edge of Darkness filling the other slots.



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