Helsinki to get free WLAN - in buses?

Helsingin Sanomat reports that Helsinki City Transport is planning to install WiFi connections in buses. The reason is that they want to be able to stream live security camera footage from the buses, but that they'll open it for passengers as well. People remain unconvinced, since using a laptop in a bus is inconvenient.

Well, what about WLAN-enabled cell phones? Free calls with VoIP? Checking news, feeds, what-have-you? Participating in an online game? Lots and lots of interesting possibilities there...

(In other news, the first bionic woman is born.)


The story doesn't tell what the speed of the connection to/from bus is. It doesn't even tell the wireless technique used to connect the buses (it's actually flash-ofdm according to my sources :-)

That means circa 1,5 megabits per second downstream. Is that enough for busload of Nokia engineers with wlan-enabled phones? Hope so :-)

--Kari Haakana, 15-Sep-2006

Well, Nokia engineers can also use the 3G networks ;-)

--JanneJalkanen, 16-Sep-2006

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