Apparently, you can open a supposedly unbreakable Kryptonite bike lock in two seconds using a ball-point pen. How's that for a security fuck-up?

(The original thread is at, which has more info about which lock models are vulnerable. Via J-Walk.)


Well, what can I say? Thank you for spredding the information around?

If my bike ever gets stolen by someone, I bet he/she has read about it from your blog... Can you live with that? I sure can't! Heh...

--an Kryptonite lock owner, 15-Sep-2004

It is a well known fact that an attempt to cover a fatal flaw in a security design only does more damage than putting it out in the open.

FYI: I also own a Kryptonite lock. And I'm getting myself a new lock today. ABUS, I think.

--JanneJalkanen, 15-Sep-2004

Yet another reason why we should acquire the American model of fighting against those who envy our freedom. The steps we could take in this case to counter this near-TERRORISM:
- Outlaw Janne, as he spreads malevolent hacker information which certainly aims to help TERRORISTS.
- Outlaw carrying ballpoint pens, as those are useful tools for TERRORISTS. Carrying around a 9mm gun should remain as a civil right, though.
If you don't agree with this post you must be anti-american and probably a TERRORIST too. God bless the security through obscurity. By the way, reading this post was classified, son. Bow down for cavity search.

--Jyri, 15-Sep-2004

--, 17-Sep-2004

Kryponite annouced today that they will take anyones cylinder lock back and exchange for a flat key u lock.

--jststeve, 24-Sep-2004

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