On rock music, eurovision song contest and weddings

You know, there's a serious credibility problem with a beautiful, scantily dressed woman, who sings happily "It hurts, how it hurts" (Sweden). I much prefer Finnish rock music, which mostly consists of serious men singing in a very laconic voice about they have been hurt and left in a thousand different ways. At least they mostly look and sound the part.

Which brings me to the general music selection of Finnish weddings. It is supposed to be a happy occasion, but yet somehow most of the music is always extremely depressing. It just makes you want to scream: the three required waltzes, and then a selection of other classics, and then moving towards traditional Finnish rock music, in which a lone, drunken man sings his lament after killing his family, right before blowing his own brains out.

Hel-lo? Happy, anyone? Remember? The state where you don't really want to kill yourself (or anyone else for that matter)?


I guess you would need to listen to a lot of Finnish rock music to understand this entry. Hell, even writing about the music depresses me to another dimension. Then again, being alone in a small hotel room, watching the Eurovision Song Contest (which is complete crap, as usual), feeling the blissful state of inebriation ebb away into tiredness and depression ("laskuhumala" in Finnish, a highly descriptive word, I might add) after having left the party prematurely because of the compound effect of alcohol, little sleep, the afore mentioned music, relatives ("Now when are you going to get married, mmh?"), and the general happiness of everyone else (happily married or at least engaged)... What do you expect? ;-)

Anyway. Lots of luck and love to the happy couple.


Finnnish wedddings are, in general, rather depressing affairs, no? I've only been to a couple, but it was awful. Very dry.

--Asmodeane, 16-May-2004

Well, however you want to describe Finnish weddings, "dry" is not one of the words I would use.

"Dry" in the sense "no alcohol", I mean.

Usually they are everything but dry. In fact, I don't recall being to a wedding where there hadn't been bottles of vodka (or other hard liquor) hidden somewhere outdoors. Just look for a group of people, who are trying hard to look inconspicous.

I guess it has something to do with the music.

--JanneJalkanen, 16-May-2004

The Swedish Eurovision entry was about anal sex. Targer the right market, they say.

--Armi, 16-May-2004

You should try vanhoillislestadiolaiset häät. No dancing, no booze, no music, except perhaps for an aging aunt who sings hämähämähäkki or something like that in a shaky voice (and even that gets a glare from the elders). After that, your old waltzing to depressive music and kossu behind the sauna starts to feel strangely hilarious.

--rhia, 16-May-2004

Frankly, that sounds like a refreshing change, rhia :). Then again, the one instance of a wedding in the US I've been to was not really a change, just something between a Finnish wedding and a colon removal in hilarity: fun to watch but painful to participate.

And Armi, thank you - now I cannot sleep while I ponder why the hell Finns gave the full 12 points to Sweden, and what the exact connection to anal sex is here.

--JanneJalkanen, 16-May-2004

Hurts, oh it hurts, really hurts
In the middle of the night
In the light of the day
You know that it hurts
Oh it hurts, really hurts
And I wish I could be stronger
No longer afraid
Nobody but me, could know the way I feel
Oh it hurts, oh it hurts I'm trying to forget love
The pain I feel inside
I'm clinging to my pillow
And the tears I cannot hide
I wish it could be over
So I can start anew, oh

--Armi, 17-May-2004

Gawk. It's worse than I remembered. (Fixed your line breaks, BTW)

--JanneJalkanen, 17-May-2004

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