Star Trek Picard is pushing all of my (good) buttons

"That was NOT my fault."

"Hello, chair."

"...the carpet!"

"You have the conn."

Just a few quotes on episode 9 "Võx" that had me cheering, yet don't spoil anything. You'll get them when you see them.

The third season of Picard has been surpassing all of my expectations. Especially since the hapless and weak season two. The pace just keeps increasing, with plot threads seeded decades ago being tied together. The writes (all hail Matalas!) have managed to find a beautiful balance between fan service and an actual plot, and have been able to give meaningful character moments to all actors, who are really excelling in their roles.

Let's just hope that the last episode doesn't ruin everything - as it's not exactly unheard of in Star Trek, such as season two of Discovery - but still, nine out of ten episodes is a pretty darned good result already. This season has been on par, or even above, of the best two-parters in TNG, such as Birthright, Best of the Both Worlds and Chain of Command.

Really looking forward to next week.


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