Taiko drumming game!

Waa! Why is my PS2 region-coded?! I want this game, seriously! I wanna bang till I keel over from exhaustion. And I wanna invite friends over so we can gang... Nevermind.

Oh, and foie gras sushi is really quite exquisite.

...he said, and ran away from the approaching angry mob.


Niin, tämähän on juuri se peli jota olen hehkuttanut yli kaiken ja jonka haluaisin itselle yli kaiken...haluaisin mieluiten arcade version johon meni paaljon jenejä kesällä. Japanilaisilla kavereilla on tuo PS2 versio, joka myös toimii...

--Minnamyy, 14-Dec-2004

No ei muuta kuin ostamaan japsiversio PS2:sta, kaikkia kivoja japanilaisia pelejä varten... ;-)

--JanneJalkanen, 15-Dec-2004

I have this game...

Btw, you're in Tokyou and you didn't tell me? What gives?

--Adriaan, 15-Dec-2004

Aaaaaaaa....... Hontoo ni, gomen nasai! I simply and utterly forgot in all the hustle and bustle, trying to arrange meetings and everything... Very sorry!

I'll buy a beer next time? :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 15-Dec-2004

Kono yarou!

Until when are you staying? I'll try to catch you.



--Adriaan, 16-Dec-2004

Sorry mate, I already returned on Thu morning... :-/ It was a very quick trip.

--JanneJalkanen, 17-Dec-2004

No shit. Next time, then!

--Adriaan, 17-Dec-2004

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