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I'm rather proud of myself: a six-course Japanese dinner for four persons for 8.50€/person. :)

But the point ain't the cheapness, it's the fact that we made it together. It seems that cooking and eating together has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years - and this is wonderful thing. When food became something that you consume instead of enjoy, and all your friends are instantly accessible through the wonders of the internet and cell phones, physical presence and the pure hedonistic pleasure you get from good food suddenly became a lot more rare than before. And what is rare, is always precious.

It could be that this is what thirtysomethings have been doing for ages anyway (and nobody just told me), but as I browse through online dating ads, it seems to me that surprisingly many people list "cooking with friends" as their hobby or favourite pastime. And this is not limited to women - men also list it more and more often.

My sources in Japan tell me that cooking is the #1 hobby among guys these days. It is not rare to hear two guys exchanging recipes the same way they used to talk about sports, and there seem to be many lifestyle magazines directed towards men who are interested in looking good, and making good food. This is perhaps unfathomable over here, but... perhaps in a couple of years not so.

I think this is a good trend (he said, trying to silence the small and insistent cynic who lives in his left ear canal, complaining how the whole thing is just a plot by media corporations to introduce a new "thing"). Cooking together is fun - provided that you all can fit in the kitchen at the same time ;-).


Cooking as a pleasure is a trend that had been on the rise for the past few years. I remember talking to a person in the design industry and the person told me that a lot more people are investing in good cooking equipment, beautiful utensils, pots, plates and the like.

--J-Ko, 15-Dec-2003

It is also my understanding that cooking courses have experienced a dramatic increase in popularity lately...

--JanneJalkanen, 15-Dec-2003

Just look at the number of food programs on TV in the US. Not only do you have the Food channel ( but there are shows on a number of the other networks.

The interesting thing to me is for a lot of people it's not the food, it's the gizmos (Oh look I have the SuperSaber(r) electronic laser knife set). I seem to get by on the same set of pots and equipment that I've had for years.

Last weekend was the December birthday party and I made a brine soaked chicken and baked potatoes stuffed with shrimp, crab meat and cheese, just wonderful!

--Foster, 15-Dec-2003

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