Sitting here at work, nobody else around, listening to hand-picked music (Solas by Ronan Hardiman, if you insist - currently playing "Communication") - it makes me feel as if I had the entire world at my fingertips. It is as if I was a small part of something incredibly big. I am connected to the world in ways that could not be fathomed a few years ago - I can skim or go deep, read or exchange thoughts with millions, distribute things I have created with equal ease to someone in Australia, or sitting beside me. I can give freely, and I can freely enjoy the countless things that others have created. No restrictions, no boundaries.

It is a wonderful and a scary feeling. I know that in a few minutes it passes, and I am again reminded by all the evil and trouble in the world. But to be able to feel something like this once in a while is exhilarating. It is a part of the flow.

Do ravers feel the same thing? How about athletes? Is this nothing else than an endorphine buzz? Can you teach yourself to release them at will?


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