Baggage lost, again...

Well, I got rerouted via Manchester, and finally to Helsinki, and after sauna I feel almost like a human being again. Would you guess, my bags are gone again, and nobody seems to have no idea where they are? Apparently SAS forgot to forward them to the British Midland flight from Chicago - or if they did, they told nobody. SAS also downgraded me to Economy on a whim, but BMI bumped me back to Premium Economy after I whined enough. Whoo, legspace.

To top it all off, SAS also forgot to issue me a ticket for the Manchester-Helsinki flight (I thought it was an e-ticket, but it was not). However, thanks to some really, really nice BA personnel at the Manchester airport who spent about half an hour to help me (and annoy anyone behind me in the queue) things got figured out, and I even managed to grab a proper British breakfast before boarding.

Overall, SAS lost a lot of points in my eyes over this episode, while BA and BMI went up a notch. I'll certainly rather support them in the future...

Okay, enough whining. I'll get to back a bit more serious later on. Just wanted to share this...


Implement the "teleport" button in Second Life i say :)

--Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, 14-Jan-2007

And risk losing my atoms all over the universe? No way...

--JanneJalkanen, 16-Jan-2007

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