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From SiliconBeat:

And by our math, that gives Bloglines, based here in Woodside, nearly two million users.

That would seem to put CEO Mark Fletcher in a pretty enviable position once he finally starts "integrating highly targeted contextual advertising" into the service later this year.

These numbers have a high margin of error, but still... Two million users? In about what, a year?

But the thing is - there is no other way for me to manage my subscriptions, as I use different computers at work and at home. There is no proper way to sync the feed lists between two computers (not to mention a computer and a mobile phone), especially through corporate firewalls. And it's even more difficult to determine which articles you have already seen and which you haven't across multiple devices. A web service is the only way to do this.

Also, installing new software on a computer is always a mental cost: how to get it, how to download, how to maintain the newest version. In a corporate setting, it's usually even a big no-no to go and install non-standard software.

In this light, Bloglines' success is not that surprising. But where is their competition?

(Via Jeremy Z.)


Yeah, where are other services like Bloglines? There's Kinja, but it's no good for keeping up with more than few feeds. Putting up an aggregating service really shouldn't be that challenging technically, so someone could well grab the jackpot with a smoother interface. Bloglines is ok in that respect, but hardly perfect.

--Jere Majava, 14-Jan-2005

Doing a good RSS/Atom parser is not trivial, and building a good interface is not that easy - but yeah, I would definitely like to see competition in this area.

Competition is good, it makes existing services better :)

--JanneJalkanen, 14-Jan-2005

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