MMS woes

ObIzzard: Look what I found rummaging through old dusty piles of CD's!

What I really started to wonder was that I took this picture and immediately sent it as MMS to Outi, as I wanted to share it, and that was the easiest route. A moment later, we got bored of waiting and I did the next easiest thing and I sent it over Bluetooth to my Mac, and dropped the image into my IM window - at full resolution, I might add (MMS typically reduces the image size significantly). We laughed at the image, and then I wrote this blog entry on my frigging mobile phone keypad and emailed it into my blog - and the Multimediamessage has yet to arrive!

If I can blog to everyone in the world on a mobile faster and easier (and remarkably cheaper) than share images with my loved one in the "official way", something has gone badly wrong with the design of the whole thing...


Maybe it's my phone..? Remember we had a problem with the first MMS as well, it never arrived :-/ Well, at least I got the image through IM so it's okay :)

--Outi, 14-Jan-2005

You should check your settings..Call the operator (BOTH of you) for settings..

I've sheared MMS without difficulty here in Finland and even internationally. My friend one's send a picture creeting from Poland..:)

--Henrikki, 14-Jan-2005

Our settings are fine (they were installed directly from the operator, and we've already sent each other multiple MMSs successfully). Unfortunately it seems that MMS sharing is not as instant as one would like. It can take hours for an MMS to go through. Most of the time it works, but it's nowhere as fast as SMS.

--JanneJalkanen, 14-Jan-2005

It's pretty clear that the Finland telco has implemented a higher "Quality of Service" (QOS) on your Multiedia Message Service (MMS) connection than you expected. See, using software developed by the CIA, it looked at the Engelbert image, decided that nobody needed to see the image, and sent it at a very low priority.

Send one of his songs, it will take days to get there.

--Foster, 14-Jan-2005

I've never liked MMS. First the cost, secondly it never works for me (could be the other way round as well).

I think even a mobilephone based e-mail account works better, send the photo to an e-mail and read it through the mobile.

--Antti, 14-Jan-2005

That is how the Japanese iMode works - it's mobile email.

Unfortunately, they're overrun with spam.

--JanneJalkanen, 15-Jan-2005

I did see ib some other blog that mentioned that with 6630 there were some problems sending a MMS. Mayby that model is too new for the operators.

I did have same problems with my 7610 in the summer when it too was relatively new modell in the market.

Since I got everything sorted, there hasn't been any problems..

--Henrikki, 16-Jan-2005

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