How come I always get to do the admin stuff?

I just realized I talk to myself only when I have a flu. Or to be exact, I talk to things and objects: I had the most wonderful discussion with a piece of Ethernet cabling yesterday, while I was kneeling under the table, trying to find a socket for it. Of course, it did not reply, but it was good to have someone listening.

Network maintenance is 40% sweat, 40% luck, and 20% magic. Of the sweat part, 50% consists of going all-fours under tables and banging your elbows and head at sharp corners.


I regulary talk to computers and software. Mainly along the lines of: "Work damnit" and "Just do it, ok?".

--Milla, 14-Jan-2004

I also sometimes say "please" - in case they will listen to me if I'm nice... I think it works.

--JanneJalkanen, 15-Jan-2004

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