Do not underestimate the power of pink cell phones

During the infamous Finnish Copyright debacle some of the media, MPs and copyright organizations claimed that the entire movement against the new copyright law "was machinated" (what a horrible newspeak word) by some unknown entities. They did not understand that the internet and cell phones allow spontaneous formation of community movements, which have no leaders or originators as such.

Outi just blogged about the current Finnish Idols[1][2] contest, how one very cute guy has gathered support of thousands of teenage girls - so much in fact, that the current list of IRC gallery communities lists tens of fan clubs, the biggest one being 2000+ members... And the fun thing is, they're determined to vote for this guy. So much in fact, that some of them claim to have voted over 130 times and have cell phone bills of over 100€. They support each other, and fan the voting flames. The guy is by far not the best singer, but the girls with the pink cell phones have chosen him to be The Idol. Which, I guess, is kinda the point.

I think this is fundamentally the same phenomenon: the internet and cell phones are allowing spontaneous mobs in an unprecedented scale. In the old days, you were bound by location, and then you would gather together somewhere to demonstrate. Much like shopping, voting is now virtual. No more cards to be sent, no more queuing. No need to grab torches and go hang the horsethief. Everybody with a cell phone is equal and has power.

So, whatever you do, do not underestimate the power of pink cell phones (with sticker photographs and trinket straps). Their vote is as good as yours - and they live and breathe this world. They know how to communicate efficiently - you don't. You are outdated - they are determined. You talk of "machination" - they shrug and don't understand. For them, anyone with enough brain to create an account on a free web site could be the "machinator".

They just don't realize the power they have yet. ;-)

[#1] I would link to the web page, but it's not on Google's top 50, so I can't be bothered - those guys need to talk to some SEO company...
[#2] Update: Turns out it's nowhere on - but it's on Still odd, though.


"I would link to the web page, but it's not on Google's top 50, so I can't be bothered - those guys need to talk to some SEO company..."

Hello? By putting just the search word "Idols" into Google's search field, the first two results are links to the Finnish version of the show.

--, 13-Dec-2005

I get Idols South Africa and a teen idols picture gallery. American Idol is sixth, and Finnish are nowhere to be seen. I tried even "Idols Suomi" and I got nada, zip, nothing.

YMMV. Google hiccup?

--JanneJalkanen, 14-Dec-2005

This comment thingie is horrible. I came to see comments not to click on tabs, thanks. FWIW, preview showed this comment two times (Opera 9.0tp1). Comment form also forgot my name and homepage.

--Pasi Savolainen, 14-Dec-2005

"YMMV. Google hiccup?"

Yeah, funny; with the search word "Idols" the first hit is and the second one is

Not terribly interesting, but mildly funny. ;P

--, 14-Dec-2005

Pasi: yeah, we're working on it. Sorry. It's an artifact of the new 2.3 series, and I haven't updated this template yet.

--JanneJalkanen, 14-Dec-2005

YM Will V with Google is probably what Janne uses (as do I). gives the Finnish Idols as the first result. I've noticed it many times already, different Googles return slightly different results based on some sort of localization logic.

--ramin, 14-Dec-2005

Ahhh... Yeah, that might be it. Yes, I use only.

--JanneJalkanen, 14-Dec-2005

I just added a quick fix to the "comment thingie". Hope it's clearer now :).

It's still buggy, though :(

--JanneJalkanen, 14-Dec-2005

Asiaa sivuten, onko suomalaisia flashmob sivustoja?

--Burana, 14-Dec-2005

Enpä voi väittää tietäväni. Suomessa on kyllä jokunen Flashmob ollut, mutta en tiedä mistä ne ovat lähteneet liikkeelle.

--JanneJalkanen, 14-Dec-2005

Haku "idols mtv3" (ilman lainausmerkkejä) tuottaa myös Google.comissa ekaksi linkiksi

--amppeli, 20-Dec-2005

Miksi minun pitäisi tietää, että se on MTV3:n ohjelma? Enhän muuten googlaisi, jos tietäisin, kenen ohjelma se on... ;)

--JanneJalkanen, 20-Dec-2005

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