class Son<?> extends Father<?>

My parents got us a present for the naming day of our son. It was a photoframe, engraved with his birthdate - the exact same kind of a photoframe that they had for me. They also gave me that photoframe, so we could put them side by side and display them proudly in our livingroom.

The thing is, the photoframe had a stock image of a generic baby, not a picture of our son, 'cos we hadn't found a good picture yet. The frame looked nice, so we put it next to the telly, and kind of forgot about it.

What was fun that every single person who saw that frame afterwards commented on how much the boy looks like me. Nobody stopped to consider that the boy in the picture looked nothing like the entity crawling on the floor. So we had to take the picture out so as not to confuse people.

Our expectations colour our perception.

(That, or I look like a generic baby.)


Työkaverilla oli koira mukana työpaikalla. Ihmiset sanoivat, että koira on emäntänsä näköinen. Jonkun pitäisi tehdä testi, jossa on eriseen kuvia koirista ja niiden omistajista, ja kokeilla miten hyvin ihmiset osaavat yhdistää ne, tai vauva-vanhempi pareista

--Matti, 17-Nov-2009

Thanks Jan, I love this story. I had a step daughter for a period of time and a similar thing used to happen, which was even stranger because she was beautiful and I'm a (relatively) ugly old man. Ha!

--Scott, 04-Dec-2009

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