I'm an old Star Trek fan. I used to be the secretary for the biggest Scifi-club in Finland. So as I walked on the bridge of the Enterprise-D at the Star Trek Experience in Hilton, Las Vegas, I nearly pissed my pants. To top it all off, I sat down and had a Romulan Ale and a "Hamborger" (which wasn't too bad) at a faithful replica of Quark's bar of Deep Space Nine.

Then I ran to see "Hypnosis gone Wild", a hilarious hypnosis show at a small theatre near the Aladdin. After you've seen a grown man help a teddy bear to masturbate, you just don't think of him the same way ever again.

Happy and relaxed, I was ready to fly back home the next day, but more on that in the next post...



*note to self: See aforementioned Trek place*

--Jan Wikholm, 15-Jan-2007

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