You get all the email you can handle - and all the spam you deserve

Janka speaks of spam, everyones' favourite subject. I got 4700 filtered spam messages in six weeks (and a bunch that got through). On one account. More on others, to a perhaps of 6000-7000 messages total. That's about a thousand a week, or 150/day.

There's a theory that everyone gets the amount of spam they deserve. There's also a theory that suggests that if you stop receiving spam, you don't exist any more. Or that if you read aloud all the spam you receive for a year and a day, you will be granted three wishes by the Xanax fairy. I believe that one of them must have something to do with the size of your penis, though.

Whatever the case, it has been suggested that everyone always gets more email than what they can handle - I've heard people complain that "I got FOUR emails today - I'm swamped". I get perhaps fifty legitimate emails on the average (not counting mailing lists), and I think that's about the limit I can handle. Is there anyone out there who thinks they are getting too few emails?


Yes, me! But then I also write less emails than I ought to write...

--Michael Goetze, 14-Jan-2004

The exception to the rule, I see :)

--JanneJalkanen, 14-Jan-2004

ME! my name is roz, and i'm an email junkie. i only get about 60 spam emails and 4-5 legit emails (if im lucky) a day, and never enough from my boyfriend.


--rozana Abdul Razak, 16-Jan-2004

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