Songs of love

Most couples I know have a song they can call "our song". It's the romantic song from that movie on the first date, or the one you played throughout the first night you spent together, or it can be somewhat really beautiful you both just happened to like. Or it can be something wholesomely silly, which makes everybody look at you like you just sprouted an extra pair of legs and move backwards slightly.

Our song is O-Zone's Dragostea din Tei. You know, the one that starts "Mai-a hii, Mai-a huu, Mai-a hoo, Mai-a ha-haa".

(Don't step back too much, you might fall off the cliff. Thank you. No, I just borrowed these legs from a transvestite. An action transvestite, mind you, not one of those weird ones.[1])

But anyway.

It just happened. We have no explanation. Perhaps it's because we're both fans of the 80s pop music. Perhaps it's because that's what we played and laughed at on our first night together. But it happened, and so we're stuck now with a song that is not destined to be an evergreen. So we'll never hear it accidentally in a bar twenty years from now, and think back to the halcyon days of fresh love. Unless, of course, it is a Romanian turn-of-the-century retro bar. I wonder if it's still too late to return it back to the shop and ask for a new one?

After this long-winded introduction, I come to the real reason behind this blog entry: The Lego version, presented by LegO-Zone. I just love Lego, and the way they titillate the imagination of creative people. Which makes the rest of us laugh.

(Makes me wonder, though, what kinds of songs other people have chosen - or what songs chose them. If you feel up to revealing it, drop a comment here.)

[#1] I know at least four of my readers know exactly what I'm talking about, and the rest of you are missing out on so much... Do you like bread? *poof*


Okay, in that case, who are the other three Readers? "Quick, push all the comments into places they don't expect."

--Ewan Spence, 13-Sep-2004

Funnily enough, our song is a Finnish one: "Kylä Vuotti Uutta Kuuta" from Värtinnä.

--Steven Noels, 13-Sep-2004

Is this a competition? In that case I will take the cake, please.

--Spinsteri, 13-Sep-2004

Just talked with wifey about this one, appears that we don't have a 'our tune'.

I'd like to think tho that it is something very weird, obscure and very good song. Which sounds beautiful, but is actually brutally evil :)

Disclaimer: There are none, what-so-ever, references above to our relationship. Except "good" and "beautiful".

--, 13-Sep-2004

I'm covered in beees... aaaaaahhhh... covered in beeees....

--Outi, 13-Sep-2004

Okay, Ewan, of course you being an educated Scotsman know quality when you see it :-D.

And everyone, thank you for flying Church of England.

--JanneJalkanen, 13-Sep-2004

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