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As an experiment, I'm adding Google's AdSense advertisements on this blog. I figured that this is something I have no experience on, so what would be the best way than to plunge head-in...

Don't need the money, but I need to know how well the advertisement business actually works with respect to personal publishing... Not that I am expecting any big wads of cash.

(I'm a bit hesitant to add advertisements to jspwiki.org main site. However, I was thinking about opening a ~CafePress shop so you could buy JSPWiki apparel. You know, for the truly desperate geeks. I'm just wondering about slogans...

"JSPWiki - for the truly desperate geek in you"

"<%="Hello, JSPWiki"%>"

"- I have JSPWiki. - I'm so sorry! Is it serious?")

Discussion on advertising in general, how well it goes together with personal publishing and blogging, and stupid ideas for JSPWiki slogans welcome in comments.


I don't like ads. If we all donated money to those who did something for us, most of the money would flow in circles as we in turn donate the money donated to us. So I figure that we (people doing free software, support for it, sharing texts and music, collaborating with each other) have no need of ads, because the net effect will be the same, except that our world is going to be full of ads. Yuck.

--Alex Schroeder, 12-Aug-2005

But on the other hand, if you do make a product, you need to be somehow able to tell other people that you are making such a thing, so that they know about it and can buy it. And no matter what you do, it is advertising - in one degree or another. You just get to choose the annoyance level...

--JanneJalkanen, 13-Aug-2005

I find this whole "money flowing in circles" argument kind of far removed from reality, actually. It'd be true if it was a closed system with only a handful of people who only dealt with each and all of each other, but surely, on the internet, there's plenty of traffic that comes from the outside of various social circles... and we all make choices about the sites we visit and the products we use.

Anyway, even if everyone on the net advertised something, it wouldn't work like that simply because everyone is not on equal terms -- some sites are more popular than others, for various reasons. They get more traffic, and their income from advertising is better than others' (not that your average site makes a lot of money from ads these days, but that's kinda beside the point) -- and ads on said sites get more exposure. The net effect most certainly will not be the same regardless of whether advertising is used.

Not that I'm particularly fond of ads, mind you, but that's got nothing to do with dubious arguments about how we don't need 'em.

--Mikki, 14-Aug-2005

you might want to check out spreadshirt.com to put designs on the black tshirts as well as some other colors and also earn some extra money...

--, 19-Aug-2005

This message brought to you by spreadshirt.com?

--Mikki, 20-Aug-2005

I wondered about that too. But it's clearly on the topic, so I'm gonna let it be.

--JanneJalkanen, 21-Aug-2005

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