How do I turn on the screensaver with a key combination!?! I don't want to use the hot corners (I already have them overloaded with Exposé and I want to have the top left corner free so I don't have to worry about counting pixels when I try and access the Apple menu), but so far the best way to lock the Powerbook is to go and turn the lid down and then back up again. which turns on the screen saver (and stops iTunes, BTW, since the computer goes to sleep for a second).

I know there are Mac people reading me, so please: tell me which key combination I have to use, or which freeware application I have to install to just be able to press Apple-F12 to lock the computer! I've been trying to find the info from Google, but apparently I haven't been able to figure out the right keywords.

Frustrated now!

(Sorry for the headline, just wanted to grab your attention there. My Mac Powerbook does NOT suck, it is a wonderful little machine and I grow more attached to it every day. It is by far the best computer I've ever owned. I just need this one thing to make it perfect. Please?)


Open up Keychain Access and select "Show Status in Menu Bar" from the View menu. Or, if you want to be 1337, you can go to /Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access/Contents/Resources and double-click on You'll get a menu extra with a padlock icon, from which you can select "Lock Screen". Your Mac will then go to its screen saver and require a password to unlock the screen. If you have Fast User Switching enabled, I believe you can also switch to another user to unlock it

--, 13-May-2004

Excellent, thank you so much!

--JanneJalkanen, 13-May-2004

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