Thought I was immune, but...

...I was bitten by the Idols bug this weekend. As is always fashionable in my peer group, I spent more time dissing the contest than I spent secretly listening to it, but on Sunday, Johanna Hämäläinen just blew me away. This song and her voice still send chills down my spine, and makes my eyes moist in a very non-gruff way. I would've probably even voted for her, if I wasn't using a company phone...

This season of Finnish Idols seems very strong.


Janne, Janne, Janne, this is bad... You getting hooked on the Idols show. And not to mention falling for Johanna, because I think Ari was actually even better last week. ;) Here's the link for you if you missed it -

--Hrry, 13-Feb-2007

Yes, and I certainly like Ari's voice, but the comments he's made in the press make him look a bit dumb. So while he's a good singer, he doesn't really do it for me, you know.

--JanneJalkanen, 14-Feb-2007

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