Off to Tokyo

Moblogging from the plane with 3G!

(Though, they haven't told me to turn off the phone yet ;) Still safely on the ground...)


Cool, a trip to Japan to see all the new 'tronic wonders. (Like you need anything else :-)

Have a good trip!!

(I love it when you take the long plane rides, you get all caught up with your back e-mail)

--Foster, 12-Dec-2004

Bring me couple of japanese schoolgirls?

okay, that was me, crocodire aka jyri aka myrskymurmeli, the gunslinger of internet with too quick trigger. I suppose you couldn't remove my ip with your magical G3+d4-phone?

--Jyri, 12-Dec-2004

Removed. :-)

Foster, guess how odd it was to read this *after* I sent you some email? :-)

--JanneJalkanen, 13-Dec-2004

Look forward to hearing more about the wonders of 3g. (And, of course, Japan.) ;-)

--Sanjay, 13-Dec-2004

No problem, I'm either

  1. Fast
  2. Psychic
  3. Psychotic

Pick any one, I get the last two confused all the time. :-)

I was wondering why the the trip to Japan on a weekend. But then I saw the PSP almost gone announcement.

Did you get one?

--Foster, 13-Dec-2004

No such luck. All PSPs are gone...

--JanneJalkanen, 14-Dec-2004

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