A very short roller coaster

Whee! They read my weblog! Happy! Joy! Except that... Neither of them have asked me out in all this time! Graah! I'm crushed!



OK. I'm fine now. Just a short hormonal balance thingy, caused by the utter darkness, cold, and general miserability. No worries.

As a small and interesting tidbit (which is likely to erase any chances with any woman ever), I noticed that I am the Google #6 authority on "Tira Misu Porno". The scary thing is that people actually arrive on my web site looking for it. People, what the *hell* is going through your minds?


Wow. Spot Mr. Self-Esteem. =)

--Mikki, 11-Dec-2003

I have had it very rough lately. Do not mock me or my self-esteem, which is suffering from real bad LSD flashbacks.

--JanneJalkanen, 11-Dec-2003

Ahh, cry me a river.

--Mikki, 12-Dec-2003

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