Disappointed in Bookmooch

OK, there is one reason why Bookmooch sucks. And it's the fact that it seems that most people in it are "willing to send books to their home country only". There is little point to join the service if you're from a small country - no matter how many nice books are out there, you can't get them.

I'm pretty frustrated. It's not that expensive to send economy abroad, you cheap bastards!


Äläpä hättäile. Ongelman ratkaisu on Angel Network: http://wiki.bookmooch.com/index.php?title=BookMooch_Angel_Network - toimii kuin junan vessa!

--Mikko Saari, 11-Aug-2008

yeah...bookmooch sucks....they suspended me for not sending out 7 books at once....I have no job or money...1 at a time ,I could have done...they suck...I canceled my account.

--AnonymousCoward, 07-Sep-2008

It's a pity the rules are so rigid. Nice idea in theory. Maybe somebody will create an alternative, the bookmooch we thought it could be?

--G1 Phone Accessories, 10-Nov-2008

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