Googling for privacy

This nice SecurityFocus article from The Register points out a bunch of things that you should be aware of. Like how Google can be your best pal, or your worst privacy nightmare. Or in many cases, your company's worst nightmare.

The biggest issue about security is not the technology. It's the people - and the lack of understanding. Technology is already pretty incomprehensible to most people, and the dangers are rather unfathomable. It's kinda like giving this very dangerous tool to everyone, and then letting them play with it. It's much like the car industry in the early 20th century. It took a long time for proper rules for road behaviour to emerge - and we're currently reliving that phase with computers.

(Via Dan Gillmor.)

(Spent yesterday evening having my first riding lesson ever. I am feeling much less pain today than I was supposed to - false advertising, waa! :)


Just'll feel sore in your legs in a few days. :) I used to be a riding instructor and the kids would think they got off scott free the day after but a few days later they were walking like John Wayne. :)

--, 12-Mar-2004

chmod -R 600 *

Now set back the things you actually want to be public... :)

--MichaelGoetze, 12-Mar-2004

..except that you cannot assume people to rely on geeks or geek technology to do their security for them.

It's kinda like asking someone else to lock the door when you go out, because you can't figure out the lock mechanism.

--JanneJalkanen, 12-Mar-2004

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