Nothing to see, move along

My lightning go tournament in Oulu did not really go too well, even with my new shiny hair (thank you, Seppo, for the most interesting semeai/furikawari ever). Probably a combination of too much alcohol, too little rest, a slight touch of flu, and too much rank. Coming back on Saturday evening, I pretty much have have spent the past 24 hours in bed.

And I'm still more tired than what I was starting this weekend.

Still - yet I feel like I wouldn't want to trade my life for anything else right now. I'm a regular glutton for punishment :-).


New shiny GREEN hair? Oh say it is so...
-) Tiina

--, 12-Jan-2004

Oh darn. Didn't notice the comments to the previous post. My bad. But I still think green would have been way way cooler than blue. Blue can still be stylish. But green... that's something for those who fear no evil nor fashion stylists...


PS. I've been thinking purple a lot, lately. Funny that.

--, 12-Jan-2004

Nope. S'blue. One embarrassment at one time, please :)

--JanneJalkanen, 12-Jan-2004

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