I still don't comprehend exactly how, but I managed to destroy my entire phonebook from my cell phone and TWO backups. I assure you it wasn't easy; it really needs dedication, stubborn ignorance of warnings, complete lapse of common sense, and access to a flashing station. So before you blame the cell phone, I assure you this was entirely my mistake.

So, if I'm not calling you it's not because I'm impolite.

It's because I'm a moron.


... and then you realized how dependant we have become to our gadgets -- to the point of complete ignorance and loss, when we loose our data ;-)

--CEO, 10-Dec-2005

i think your friend with the fiendish 7650 did it. :-)

--, 12-Dec-2005

Blaming someone else would be the easy way out, now wouldn't it... But no, I'm just dumb.

--JanneJalkanen, 12-Dec-2005

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