Dan Gillmor in Finland

For anyone who's been following the late journalism-debate, the Man Himself, i.e. Dan Gillmor is coming to Finland. Please join him in an open session at Korjaamo, Helsinki, Tuesday, 12 April at 18:00. I'll certainly try to be there.

Ja sama suomeksi: Dan Gillmor, toimittaja-bloggaaja, joka on puhunut pitkään kansalaisjournalismin puolesta, on tulossa puhumaan avoimeen keskustelutilaisuuteen Helsingissä, Korjaamolla, tiistaina 12. huhtikuuta kello 18.00. Tervetuloa!

(Via Jyri.)

[Dan Gillmor on peruttu, mutta hänen paikallaan esiintyy Aditya dev Sood. Kannattaa kuunnella myös tätä miestä...]


Thanks for that info!! I'll be sure to be there. Janne, what is this Aula group all about? I read through their site and don't quite grasp what they're all about, maybe you can fill me in? Thanks!

--Phil, 10-Mar-2005

The Aula group is - was - a loose collective of like-minded people, which slowly dissolved a few years ago. Some of the key people are still running the remains.

I don't really know the whole story, as I was never a part of it, but if you come over, you can probably meet some of the people as well and ask yourself.

--JanneJalkanen, 11-Mar-2005

The event seems to be cancelled. At least according to http://www.aula.cc/users/viewarticle.php?articleid=266.

--jny, 17-Mar-2005

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