Moving day!

All is packed, and of course, the Internet is the last thing to go. The moving men are supposed to arrive right now, so I'm pulling the plug and timing how fast I can get back online after things are settled at the other end. Geeky? Perhaps a bit... Addicted? No, surely not!

23:08. Finally I had a bit of time to log on. The actual internet connection was down for perhaps three hours, but I didn't have time to open a computer until now. The apartment is now filled with boxes that need unpacking, a bunch of black plastic bags with all our clothes, and all our furniture in a million pieces waiting to be put together again. It's a daunting task.

We started off by filling the fridge, putting the bed back together, and turning on our wireless internet. One must have priorities.


Time being a very limited resource - prioritising your life is important! I think I would have turned the net on before the bed...

--Antti, 13-Feb-2006

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