The unseen video

This little gem comes from Unacosa. Riikka writes:

The Unseen Video is absolutely the most beautiful thing that I have seen for a long long time. It is a weather controlled, dynamic music video with a charming combination of old photographs, video and vector graphics animation. This thing I just adore. Congratulations to guys (Daniel Scheibel and Ferdinand Weinrother) who made it as a thesis project - hopefully they got the best possible grade.

There's even a Flickr pool of images from the video.


TheUnseenVideo has been chosen as a finalist for the 15th Flashforward Film Festival!

Category: Motion Graphics, Work: The Unseen Video, URL:

(have a look:

In addition to the category-specific award for which TheUnseenVideo is in the running, it is also eligible to win the People's Choice award, which will be determined by public online vote. Voting has already begun!

Please vote for our TheUnseenVideo:

Thanks, Daniel

--AnonymousCoward, 11-Jan-2006

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