Radio is not media, says da (wo)man

Leena Ryynänen, the chairman of The Association of Finnish Broadcasters says, that "radio is not media, it's entertainment. For listeners, the most important criteria is music." (To be precise, she's using the word "tiedotusväline", which literally means media, but in Finnish the word is more limited than in English - I guess the closest translation is "journalistic media".)

Well, if that's your attitude, then personal music players and podcasting are so going to kick your ass. Why would I possibly want to listen to the dumbed down playlists of a two-hit radio station, when I can carry my entire music library with me - with far, far better selection than a single-channel radio could ever have?

Then again, what do I know: I don't listen to radio these days at all. Except for Yle's podcasts and


Helsinkiläisnäkökulmasta SBS Finlandin pomon jorinat ovat erityisen huvittavia/raivostuttavia. Radio Helsinki on kaupungin johtava (kyllä, sanavalinta on harkittu) kunnallispolitiikkaa seuraava media, jonka vieraana erilaiset kunnallispoliitikot ja virkamiehet lautakuntien jäsenistä ylipormestariin vierailevat viikottain tentattavana.

--Timo Riitamaa, 09-Dec-2005

Paula Salovaara älähtikin tuosta kommentista melko nopeasti...

--JanneJalkanen, 09-Dec-2005

Why do you think she thinks radio is just entertainment and not a media? She may not know about podcasts, but she certainly knows about talk-radio and radio news broadcasts.

(BTW - I love this new comment interface, is it new with JSP Wiki 2.4?)

--Phil, 10-Dec-2005

Thanks! Yes, that's new. I'm running latest cutting edge code here...

She's the head of the broadcasting association of most commercial radios in Finland. Go figure.

--JanneJalkanen, 10-Dec-2005

If you lived in Britain perhaps you would listen to the radio. I think the national BBC stations are great. But then I can't stand the commercial stations; adverts on the radio just doesn't work.

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