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"At 20070809T102250 UTC, do you, node 209c57fe78605e99641d9fca4e7bc232, and you, node 4d930c40123760f0c67f67ec4e9ce0d0, wish to connect permanently to each other and promise to route all packets faithfully until powerloss?"

"This unit wishes to state a positive intent, as witnessed by this packet signed by my private key."

"This unit also wishes to transmit a true, and sign the packet with the private key."

"Now, exchange public keys and sign them with each other's private keys. ... Thank you. You may now plug in the cable."

"Dear networked nodes that have gathered here at this timestamp: I now pronounce your networks connected. MAY your BER approach zero, and your routers have no congestion. You SHALL adhere to the following protocol rules, to be interpreted according to RFC 2119:

  • You SHALL NOT route any other packets through eth0 unless addressed to the other unit
  • You SHALL NOT turn on promiscuous mode, or else risk a denial-of-service
  • You MAY spawn plenty of subnodes to maintain the network
  • You SHALL cherish and maintain the link you have by sending keepalive messages with tokens (of love) at regular intervals.
  • You SHALL be peers and equal in all traffic, and trust the data routed from the other (if properly signed with the public key)"

(Earlier parts of this story available here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and most especially here. (And, of course, here.))


Onnea vaan molemmille!

--Burana, 09-Aug-2007

Be forever happy, my friends. I'm so happy for the both of you.

--kolibri, 09-Aug-2007

Congratulations :>

--Jyri Toivonen, 09-Aug-2007


--Kari Haakana, 09-Aug-2007

Wow!! Congratulations. Just to make this sure ... this one was the big one? :-)

--Schizo-Janne, 09-Aug-2007

Congratulations to the both of you!

--Marjut, 10-Aug-2007

Thanks all! Janne: yup! ;-)

--JanneJalkanen, 10-Aug-2007

Congratulations. May your hard drives be overfilled with joy and both ethernet and wifi adapters communication bandwidth full till the day they need upgrading.

--Mikko, 10-Aug-2007

Perfection. Congrats.

--Henri, 10-Aug-2007


--Matti, 10-Aug-2007


--hakkis, 10-Aug-2007

Onnea onnea onnea! Kiva että tosielämässäkin on aina välillä kunnon Harlekiini-meininkiä. :)

--Tiina , 10-Aug-2007

Congratulations and Celebrations!

--JES, 10-Aug-2007

Onnea vielä teille molemmille! En ole aiemmin lukenut noita "here"-kohtia, mutta opin paljon uutta veljestäni :) Jatkakaa samaan malliin!

--Ville, 10-Aug-2007

Paljon onnea molemmille!

--Ursula, 11-Aug-2007

Lämpimät onnittelut teille molemmille!

--KatjaW, 12-Aug-2007

Käynpä onnittelemassa täälläkin, kun rouvan blogeissa jo suoritin onnittelut =)

Ja tämä oli sitten kolmas kerta, kun piti kuivata silmiä saman asian tiimoilta!

--Stello, 13-Aug-2007

Onnittelut, onhan tätä jo odotettukin. ;) Etkä mitään maininnut tiistaina, tämän siitä saa kun on laiska lukemaan blogeja...

--hrry, 16-Aug-2007

Sorry, unohtui :-). Oli vähän kiire...

--JanneJalkanen, 17-Aug-2007


--Eppu, 19-Aug-2007

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