A fun (yet testosterone filled) evening

I like cooking for friends. Even if the friends drag me out to the Finnish summer night to celebrate afterwards. But there was still something that nearly (but only nearly) made me sad this evening.

I don't really go out much these days. It never was really my thing, you know. But for the past week or so, I've felt rather happy and willing to party, so I was easy prey for beautiful ladies, who wanted to dance and party with me. So we danced, and talked, and drank, and had fun. When the inevitable and dreaded no-more drinks sign arrived, we stood next to the dance floor, feeling generally good. Then a man, taller and more handsome than me, approached us.

"You know", he says to me, "you are far too fat."

For a second, I am speechless. Then I just squeeze the two lovely ladies next to me closer and say firmly: "Yeah, I know. But it works for me." And grin heavily.

"You should really lose some weight", the man continues and turns away.

I let the smile of victory to spread on my face. The short manly fight for power has ended in me (us) winning - something that rarely happens. It feels good, in some primitive sort of way. His words cannot really hurt me: I know what I am and who I am, and that cannot be taken away from me with mere words. Especially with the words of a drunken nobody. From his simplistic (and probably very drunken) point of view I had two women, and he had none. So the only thing he could do was to try and hurt me somehow.

So bloody sad.


AAAAARGH!! Toi on juuri tuota skeidaa, jota olen saanut itsekin kuulla monelta idiootilta. Arvaa vaan kuinka joitakin on ärsyttänyt se, että minun kokoinen kääpiö osaa jutella ihmisten kanssa (varsinkin naisten) ja he eivät osaa sanoa mitään järkevää edes itselleen. Sitten jossain vaiheessa iltaa pitää tulle mollaamaan toista, kun ei muuten kestä todellisuutta. Todellakin surullista.

Onnea mainiolle voitollesi. Täydellinen touché. Pitää itsekin muistaa tuo vastaus. Sitähän voi itse asiassa käyttää aika moneen tilanteeseen :-)

--Schizo-Janne, 09-Jul-2004

Man, what a loser. He should have taken a snipe at your hat instead ;)

--Adriaan, 09-Jul-2004

Wasn't wearing the hat ;-)

--JanneJalkanen, 09-Jul-2004

AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa you are far from fat... SHEEESH what a moron... If I ever get my hands on him he'll wish he had never been born :P

--Pop, 09-Jul-2004

Good for you, I'm glad you did not resort to "Yea, well I know how to use Java's anonymous inner classes, so there!" ;-)

--Foster, 09-Jul-2004

ROTFL, Foster. I think the only place that might work would be in a really, really sad wannabe-geek party. :)

--JanneJalkanen, 09-Jul-2004

I don't think it would work even there. :)

--J-Ko, 09-Jul-2004

Add one more "really" and it just might work if delivered with enough chutzpah.


--JanneJalkanen, 09-Jul-2004

So what would be the insult in such a party? "Your code doesn't event compile!"

--Milla, 09-Jul-2004

"Your curly braces aren't even aligned."

"You... you.. you code Visual Basic for living!"

"Google it!"

--JanneJalkanen, 09-Jul-2004

Janne -> "You... you.. you code Visual Basic for living!"

Hey HEY, back it up, this is a family blog, there is no reason for language like that!!

I did have someone say "Your Mom wrote COBOL" once... :-)

--Foster, 09-Jul-2004

*shakes head*

Such rudeness.

--JanneJalkanen, 10-Jul-2004

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